Etisoft certyfikat ISO

Positive ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 recertification

7 maj 2021

The recertification audit conducted at Etisoft for the compliance of the Integrated Management System with the ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards ended with a positive result. We meet and respect the requirements specified by the above-mentioned standards which enabled auditors to recommend extending Etisoft’s certificates for another three years. 

The pandemic caused the auditors from TUV Rheinland to verify our actions in a sanitary regime, partially on-line. As they emphasised, it was not an easy task also due to the dispersion of our company over several locations, the complexity of processes and remote work carried out by some of our employees.

Therefore, with even greater satisfaction we are sharing the opinions of the representatives of TUV Rheinland on the audited areas. What has been emphasised about the entire organisation was the enthusiasm and engagement of our employees. We were very pleased to hear such words.

Thoughtful strategy, above standard actions, safety and coordination

  • The Marketing Department should be distinguished for the thoughtful and consistently pursued marketing strategy, and the IT Department for the responsible and modern policy of ensuring security of vast resources of data of the whole organisation.
  • Data assets security, optimum backup technology are a sine qua non condition for the continuity of operations of all Etisoft Group companies.
  • The above standard actions within the scope of employees’ personal development and use of their knowledge for the purposes of the organisation carried out at the Human Resources Department draw particular attention.
  • The Health, Safety and Fire Safety Department has developed an occupational risk assessment for the workplaces that are potentially at SARS-COV-2 risk regardless of their location. Three new types of threats have been identified: biological one, increased level of stress which results from the pandemic threat, and increased exposure to chemical agents – disinfectants.
  • A document has been prepared in the Administration Department: Schedule – a base of supervision of the facilities together with the scope with links to protocols which greatly facilitate the work and reduce the risk of overlooking the inspections in force.
  • Quality Control carries out a very thorough analysis of internal and external complaints together with the conclusions drawn and actions taken.
  • The Production Department has been further equipped with an AGV , a transport robot with a lifting capacity of up to 550 kg, which allows it to transport loads without personnel.
  • Supervision is meticulous in terms of infrastructure – machinery and equipment.
  • The familiarisation of employees with chemical safety data sheets is conducted in an exemplary manner. Supervision in terms of environmental protection is particularly reliable, both in terms of documentation and operational supervision.

The coordination of quality issues as well as issues related to the whole integrated management system by the Quality Director cannot be overestimated.

Why do we need ISO certification?

“We do not carry out actions related to the ISO Management System only because our customers expect that or in order to increase the company’s reliability on the market. Above all, we have implemented it for ourselves,” Dariusz Wdowiak, quality director, emphasises. “Within the framework of the quality and environmental standards we have created a management system which takes into consideration a sustainable nature of our organisation in the nearest future as well as in the long-term perspective. One of many advantages of the new system is the implementation of a tool which allows us to apply a risk-based way of thinking, but also, what’s interesting, obliges us to automatically determine the so-called opportunities. To put it simply, each of us must consider whether and how the observed problem can be transformed into opportunities, chances for development and improvement.”

We want to thank all of our employees thanks to whom we can meet and maintain the requirements related to the standards on an everyday basis.

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