Thermal transfer ribbons for a wide range of applications

28 jul 2021

The ETISOFT GRAPHITE RIBBONS offer high quality at an affordable price, and, with some limitations, can be a great alternative to the Diamond ribbons. This group includes high quality thermal transfer ribbons for a wide range of applications in many industries, from the textiles through logistics to the automotive industries. The Graphite group includes ribbons for printers using both flat and near edge print heads.

GRAPHITE WAX is a wax thermal transfer ribbon that guarantees reliable quality. A wide range of applications and low printing temperature are the main advantages of this ribbon. It is most used for printing paper identification or product labels but can also be used in logistics. It is a perfect solution for short-term and standard markings such as GS1 transport or shipping labels.

thermal transfer ribbon

The main advantages of GRAPHITE WAX are:

  • A wide range of applications in many industries
  • Clear barcode and 2D code printing
  • High print speed (254 mm/s).

GRAPHITE MIX is a wax/resin ribbon that provides high quality printing while extending the range of acceptable materials in comparison with a wax ribbon and provides high quality printing on both coated and uncoated paper labels, both self-adhesive and adhesive free. It is ideal for printing paper logistics labels used for marking pallets which are transported long distances. It is the best value for money among wax/resin ribbons.

thermal transfer ribbon

The main advantages of GRAPHITE MIX are:

  • Clear and legible print
  • Good resistance to scratching and abrasion
  • A wide range of applications in many industries.

GRAPHITE MIX PACK is a wax/resin ribbon intended for direct labelling of product packaging. The ink formula offers good durability and resistance of the print to mechanical damage, and eliminates electrostatic charges which can build up on the print head and cause damage at maximum speeds of over 1m/s. It is an excellent solution for printing, among other things, the date and batch of the product directly on the packaging, e.g., in the FMCG sector.

thermal transfer ribbon

The advantages of GRAPHITE MIX PACK are:

  • Sharp and clear print
  • Print speed up to 1016 mm/s
  • Food contact approval certificates

Durable print in unusual applications

GRAPHITE RESIN is a resin ribbon that combines excellent print quality with exceptional durability. Graphite Resin is an excellent alternative to Diamond Resin SP if UL certification is not required. This ribbon ensures remarkably high quality when printing identification labels and will remain resistant to general-purpose chemicals and common cleaning agents. It is perfect for printing foil identification and product labels and warehouse markings such as rack labels, pallet labels and labels for reusable containers.

thermal transfer ribbon

Main advantages of the product:

  • Sharp and clear print
  • Perfect abrasion resistance for demanding applications
  • Resistance to general-purpose chemicals and common cleaning agents
  • It withstands outdoor exposure.

GRAPHITE RESIN ED is an exceptionally durable resin ribbon for printers with near edge print heads. Intended for applications which require excellent print quality and perfect abrasion resistance. It ensures high quality of print of all types of barcodes and 2D codes, very small text, and graphics. Ribbons for near edge print heads are used where remarkably high print speed and high print quality are required.

The advantages of GRAPHITE RESIN ED are:

  • Print speed up to 254 mm/s
  • Resistance to general-purpose chemicals and common cleaning agents
  • The UL certificate with recommended materials.

GRAPHITE RESIN TX is a ribbon designed for printing identification labels in the textile industry which guarantees high quality and durability of the print. The ink formula makes it possible to print on printers using two types of print heads: flat and near edge. The ribbon can be used in every industry where there is a need for marking and identifying of products using barcodes and 2D codes printed on nylon or satin woven labels.

thermal transfer ribbon

The main advantages of this product are:

  • Particularly good resistance to mechanical and chemical washing
  • Can be printed with a flat and near edge print head
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Product Class I

Thermal transfer ribbons offered by Etisoft are available in different widths and compatible with devices of renowned producers, such as: CITIZEN, ZEBRA, TSC, HONEYWELL or PRINTRONIX.

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