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Labels for low temperatures

27 maj 2021

Low temperatures are very frequently associated with destructive rather than beneficial effects unless we are talking about the medical or laboratory industry. Freezing of cells and tissues at appropriately low temperatures is a process which preserves their natural properties. Imagine that low temperature labels applied to labware are an integral part of this process. Just like the material being tested, they also must preserve their primary properties.

Labelling of laboratory equipment is designed to remain intact for many years, and to withstand high temperatures, freezing, and to prove itself in contact with chemicals, oils, or acids. Not only must the label be resistant, but the print must also remain legible and durable.

Labels for laboratories – easy identification and safety

Etisoft, a label producer, has created the etiCALLS system for laboratories.  The low temperature resistant FREEZE series is one of the types of labels the system contains. Not only does durable marking of test material improve the work of laboratory technicians, but it also improves safety and reliability of tests.  This is achieved through full identification of the tested material and prevention of errors resulting, for example, from peeling off the label during the freezing process. Labels for low temperatures can be permanently printed with a bar code or a 2D code.

The FREEZE series of self-adhesive labels preserves its properties (durable adhesion and print even on curved surfaces) during:

  • long-term storage in temperatures from -80oC to +80oC
  • multiple freezing and thawing cycles storage in dry ice (which is particularly
  • significant during transport of samples)
  • contact with oils and lubricants, low concentrated cosmetic acids, and mild solvents.

Durable and water-resistant self-adhesive labels

The FREEZE series labels are water-resistant and weather resistant.

They can be applied to vials, test tubes, cassettes, dishes, plates, straws, and documents. 

This type of laboratory labels is aimed at the following facilities:

  • medical
  • analytical
  • chemical/pharmaceutical
  • forensic
  • cosmetics
  • food
  • water and soil testing
  • and cell, blood, and tissue banks.

If laboratory processes are conducted at even lower temperatures, e.g., in liquid nitrogen, we recommend the CRYO series from the etiCALLS system. Soon we will describe it in more detail.

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