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6 apr 2021

The photos taken by our friend Adam Jeżewski underwent a rigorous selection and were featured on PhotoVogue, a website dedicated to photography. It’s a part of the Italian website of Vogue magazine – the most important women’s magazine in the fashion world. It’s also perceived as a publisher promoting top quality photos.

PhotoVogue presents itself as a platform for photographers which provides them with an opportunity to show their talent, with a chance for participation in international exhibitions. The best photographers are also to be taken under the wings of the New York agency which supports photographers, among others.

Before the photos sent by the authors reach the PhotoVogue database, they undergo a rigorous selection.  The Internet is full of artists’ posts who are still attempting to make it to this elite group. Adam managed to convince the reviewers to his photos six times. They include mountain vibes and landscapes, which is what Adam feels great about and what we admire him for.

We are giving the floor to Adam so that he can tell us about the awarded photos

No. 1. The photos were taken from the peak of Wysoki Wierch in the Pieniny. I often go to photography workshops with Fotograf w Podróży Here’s a photo from such a workshop. A lot of learning, photos, and great people. That was the first photograph approved by the website, and it immediately reached the main page as “Best of PhotoVogue”.

No. 2. Photography workshops on Malá Fatra The photos were taken after the sunrise on the top of Chleb, on the way to the mountain hut Chata pod Chlebom. The conditions were changing quite quickly. You would stand on the peak where visibility was one metre, and then after several minutes you could admire distant peaks.

No. 3. Photography workshops in Podhale. The photos were taken on Wdżar after the sunrise. We got to the top by the chairlift to see what the conditions were like, since at the bottom everything was covered with a fog. On the peak of Wdżar we were above the fog and the view was stunning.

No. 4. The forest near Okuniewo. I was running with my friends in the Kampinos Forest, along the Main Trail of the Kampinos Forest. On the next day I went for a walk. The rule that says you should always take the camera with you is confirmed.  You never know what conditions you may come across.

“When it comes to the portal PhotoVogue, I try to post my photos systematically. Sometimes they’re approved, which makes me happy. So far four photographs have been selected. They can be seen here. I also post my photos on ViewBug. There are many photos from my photographic adventures here (173 now) and a large group of followers, as many as 4668, which is still growing,” Adam says.

Let us remind that our friend, during his photography journeys reached the USA, Cuba, Patagonia – Chile, Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, and Norway. The nearest destinations are planned, i.e., Iceland, Scotland, the Faroe Islands, Madeira, the Dolomites, Norway (Lofoten, Tromso, to take photos of the northern lights, of course).

“I particularly like landscape photography, that is why the mountains are what I’m looking for. Reaching the peak, staying there for the night, and admiring the sunrise are something special. These are very difficult trips sometimes. A packed backpack with photography equipment, a sleeping bag plus food, clothes are several kilos that must be carried up to the mountain peak. All the plans connected with trips are concentrated on landscape photography. Mountains can be a real pain, but they also provide you with something unique. In the mountains you can overcome your own weaknesses, cross borders, and commune with nature. When everyone is asleep, you’re above the clouds and you observe how the light appears on the horizon. These are precious moments. It’s even more beautiful when you can share such moments with close persons. Sometimes I go on such trips with my trips, and we can experience it all together. We set off on mountain paths with Etisoft, too. I hope that this year we will be able to undertake such mountain challenges,” our friend says.

PHOTO: Aneta Mikulska / Patrzę Kadrami

Adam Jeżewski, from Gliwice, has been a member of Etisoft since 2003. He has been a shift production manager since 2013. Apart from landscape photography, he’s also interested in portrait photography and street photos.

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