The APS system – WEB software for the automation of the audit process

6 apr 2021

Audits are conducted in the companies and the management implements actions in accordance with the Lean Management philosophy. Auditors regularly walk through the production hall, warehouses and offices checking whether standards and required procedures are being followed. Competent employees spend valuable time on manual creation of analyses, and the audit results are ready a few days later. Theoretically, the effects of the actions should be positive. Practically, does it really fit into the concept of Lean Management.

Internal audits and Lean Management

Internal audits such as 5S, LPA, OHS and TPM, among others, are a set of techniques and methods the main objective of which is to establish and maintain safety and high quality of workplaces with the verification of compliance with the applied operational standards, competences of operators and operation of equipment. This is closely related to the proper organisation of the working environment, improvement of the organisational culture and favours process stability. In turn, the main objective of Lean Management is to slim down the flow of material and information. As it turns out, the traditional approach to conducting audits does not fully realise this idea. 

5s, system lean management, audyt 52, oprogramowanie do do automatyzacji procesu audytu

Traditional audits – long, labour-intensive, and expensive

A traditionally conducted audit takes a lot of time, as does the laborious completion of evaluations after the audit, making reports and statistics. The availability and time resources of specialists are a great value to the company, which signifies that the costs of actions in this area of the company’s operation may prove unjustified. 

5s, system lean management, audyt 52, oprogramowanie do do automatyzacji procesu audytu

It’s time for a modern solution

Carrying out of audits and managing gathered data can be supported by new technologies. How can this be done? With the use of a dedicated tool such as the APS system (Audit Process Support), the task of which is to facilitate techniques and methods of conducting audits, while implementing the Lean Management philosophy.

What are the specific benefits of the deployment of the APS system?

  • possibility of creating and managing user accounts,
  • defining the organisational structure of the company (Departments, Divisions, Areas)
  • creating simple and sequential audits (yes/no answers, point scale, weights)

Configuration of various types of audits such as:

  • 5S (sort/set in order/shine/standardise/sustain)
  • LPA (Layer Process Audit)
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation)
  • Facility Management
  • OHS (Occupational Safety and Health)
  • Behavioural Audit
  • automation, streamlining and acceleration of the auditing process,
  • possibility to compare the efficiency within the maintenance of standards and procedures (continuous improvement methodology) in various areas or departments, and to observe trends,
  • increase in the efficiency of maintenance of standards and procedures,
  • continuous improvement of workplaces and simplification of actions,
  • control over the correctness of processes,
  • creation of standards and daily routines,
  • advanced register of nonconformities with an extensive action plan
  • coordination of corrective actions
  • advanced scheduling module
  • Pareto analysis of nonconformities
  • opportunity for continuous education of auditors through the designation of critical as well as acceptable dysfunctions,
  • motivating employees to maintain standards and procedures.
5s, system lean management, audyt 52, oprogramowanie do do automatyzacji procesu audytu

The tool is flexible and can be configured to embed the organisational structure with the affiliation of particular areas to this structure. Each user of the solution operates according to the scope of competences (roles in the system), and the clear and intuitive interface makes it possible to freely move around the functional areas. The application can run on all devices with Internet access and the following operating systems: Windows, Android and IOS.

5s, system lean management, audyt 52, oprogramowanie do do automatyzacji procesu audytu

The offered 30-day free trial version makes it possible to become familiar with the functionality of the tools and simultaneously assess whether the solution meets the expectations of the organisation and whether there is a business justification for deciding on the commencement of the deployment.

The APS system is available in two deployment models based on the license version and the cloud service for access to the application with the maintenance of a high level of data security.

Lean Management requires looking for the best solutions, that is why it is worth availing oneself of the cost-saving tools thanks to which the supported audits lead to positive and measurable results.


Az APS rendszert 2KMM-mel együtt hoztuk létre, amely ESS partner ebben a projektben.

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